Friendswood Wedding Reception Venues

Congratulations on your engagement! Now comes the fun part – looking for Friendswood wedding reception venues that both you and your future spouse agree to!

What many couples find in their search for a perfect venue is that facilities often look the same. While this may be acceptable to some couples, others prefer a more unique experience for their guests. That’s where our wedding event spaces in Friendswood TX shine because we are not the norm.


Only the HOTTEST Wedding Reception Venue in Friendswood TX!

The Astorian is one of the hottest Friendswood reception event spaces in the area. We are located in a landmark historic building, or at least that’s what The Houston Historical Society says!

As soon as you walk into our Friendswood wedding reception venues, you’re greeted with a large, open space that has floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete floors and exquisite lighting. Our event space is multifunctional so that you can create a space that is entirely yours.

What makes our wedding event spaces in Friendswood TX even more unique is that it’s influenced by New York City’s Grand Central Station. We’re a long way from the East Coast, so it’s unusual to see this type of decor in our area.

Also, when you look out the windows of our reception event spaces in Friendswood TX, you get an amazing view of the Houston skyline. Nothing beats that!


Book Your Event at The Astorian Today

Our dates book fast, so we encourage you to contact us if you are interested in our Friendswood wedding event spaces. Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with information about how we can make your visions come to life.

With years of experience working on wedding ceremonies and receptions, our staff have the passion, knowledge and incentive to put together spectacular events.

Call us today to learn more about booking your event with our Friendswood wedding reception venues.