Galveston Wedding Reception Venues

Welcome to The Astorian, one of the premier Galveston wedding reception venues. We are excited to start planning your once-in-a-lifetime event in our stunning 14,000 square foot private loft space. Our staff has plenty of experience planning successful wedding ceremonies and receptions, and we’re excited to be your choice for reception event spaces in Galveston TX.


You’ve Found the Perfect Wedding Venue

As you tirelessly looked around for wedding event spaces in Galveston TX, what did you think? Did you find what you were looking for?

Many couples find that the wedding reception venues in Galveston TX all look the same: large rooms with tiled dance floors and tables and chairs. Also, many couples don’t like the idea of sharing a venue with other events.

If you agree with these thoughts, we guarantee you’ll love what our Galveston reception event spaces have to offer. Not only do we have endless options for customization, but also our wedding event spaces in Galveston TX are for a single event only. This means no sharing – which is the way it should be on your wedding day.


What Makes The Astorian Different?

The Astorian is a large open space that is entirely yours. Everything is customizable – except for our giant floor-to-ceiling windows. Those have to stay. But we promise you won’t mind them, as they give us an edge over other Galveston wedding reception venues. With the gorgeous sunsets and Houston skyline, your guests will have plenty to talk about.

Our venue is multifunctional, so you can make the Galveston wedding event spaces customized to your needs. We are also pleased to introduce state-of-the-art smart technology (perfect for slideshows and speeches), a fully functional gourmet kitchen and bar and a Grand Ballroom for dancing the night away. We can’t forget the amazing details that are reminiscent to 1920s glamour and Art Deco design.

See how beautiful our Galveston wedding reception venues are and book your event today!