Houston Wedding Reception Venues

For the rest of your life, you will carry with you the memories of your wedding day. Make those memories magical with one of the finest Houston wedding reception venues in the state: The Astorian.


One of the Finest Houston Wedding Event Spaces

If you haven’t heard of us yet, we welcome you. The Astorian is situated close to downtown Houston, in a landmark building as designated by the Houston Historical Society. We have one of the most unique wedding event spaces in Houston TX, and we’ve helped create many remarkable events.

What makes The Astorian unique compared to other Houston reception event spaces is our New York City semblance. Our venue boasts 14,000 square feet of private loft space, and everything from the layout, the design and the decor mimics grand ballrooms. With floor-to-ceiling windows and extraordinary views of the Houston skyline, The Astorian remains a top choice for Houston wedding reception venues.


How We Plan to Serve You

Here are some of the ways that our wedding reception venues in Houston TX plan to serve you and make your day unforgettable.

Contact our Houston wedding reception venues to book your wedding. We look forward to planning your special event with you!