Our History

The Mosaic

Size: 15 feet by 35 feet = 455 sqft

Its made of  one centimenter”tesseras” laid by hand (the main motives of the design were made with pieces as little as 1/4″).

The background is a grid of italian Arabascata Carrara marble. The ornaments were laid in the roman way of Opus Reticulatum -meaning that each little stone follow the shape of the drawing instead of following a square grid (Opus Certum).

The first border is composed of Black Granite and Giallo Veneziano marble. The design is composed of the Gammadion Cross, which meaning is Eternity and Peace for many ancient cultures.

The second border, a lace that unites the main ornaments, is an ancient representation of the Caduceus (staff) of Hermes (the roman Mercury) -messenger of the gods-.. It represents opossites forces in balance, therefore its use in trade, diplomacy and science.

The Center motif depicts a geometric Grana Fiore

Or pomegranate flower – which usually is a superposition of six petal six times. In this particular case we made a superposition of seven petals seven times. Seven was considered a God number in ancient Egypt. The material used for our center motif were Black granite, Sienna Travertine, and White Marble.

The other two ornaments, made with Chinese Jade, Brazilian Serpentine, Black Marble, White Alabaster, Woodgrain Marble, and Spanish Alicante Marble are based on designs created using the Golden Rule or Divine Proportion. Every part in them is proportional to the whole based on the number phi, the same proportion ocurring in nature, in the human body, in fruits and the growing of branches, hidden number 1.618. was considered the number that God used to make the creation.

The whole mosaic design was encrypted using the Square of the Circle: the length of every circumference corresponds to the perimeter of the square that contains it. The same method used to build a pyramid, and better explained in the Vitruvius Man by Leonardo.

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